Evan Tsaboukos Is Creating Opportunities Out of Thin Air With The Cash Kings

The Australian entrepreneur Evan Tsaboukos is redefining the rules of the game through his sports investment system, The Cash Kings. Most people try to build a fortune by following the old system that society has run on for ages. Get an office job, get up at the crack of dawn, and put in long hours for pay that’s average at best.

With his five+ years of experience in sports investing and making multiple six figures, Tsaboukos quickly figured out that there was a better way of doing things than what people traditionally did. “I wanted to come up with a system where you’d need to put in minimal effort and get a maximum return on your investment in a no-brainer kind of way. This is what The Cash Kings essentially is,” he shares.

The key is to reinvent the game, not play by the old rules

Those who make it in business are the entrepreneurs that follow through on their ideas. For Evan, launching The Cash Kings was imperative. He knew that the system worked because he experienced it himself early on. He is currently a part of four more businesses and keeps expanding his portfolio.

“I got very motivated when I made $50,000 once. It was right after my parents had separated, so I was going through a bit of a hard time in my personal life. When I hit that $50K in a single month, I knew I was on to something, and I absolutely had to share with others,” he recalls.

Mindset is king

For Tsaboukos, it’s not only cash that is king; he is also firmly in favor of having the right mindset. “Honestly, your biggest superpower when starting a business is your mindset. Times will get tough; that’s a part of the journey. You just have to follow through and persevere. It’s okay to step away for a day or two and take a break. Then, come back with fresh eyes and work on solving the problem,” he encourages.

Evan often takes a personal day that he uses to meditate, look at the bigger picture, and do nothing that has to do with his business. He advocates for beginner entrepreneurs to take this kind of breather often to ensure that they function correctly and their minds aren’t too clogged up.

Evan is excited to help people of all social classes and ages get involved with sports investing. He’s working around the clock to provide the best strategy and tips, and to open the world’s eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead and are found far from the status quo.

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