FantomStarter Becomes Multi-Chain Launchpad Enabling Projects to Raise Funds on BNB Chain and Polygon

FantomStarter has recently reached a series of important milestones. After successfully raising over 1 Mil on the Fantom chain, completing the contract audit with Slow Mist, becoming mobile-friendly and just recently increasing liquidity through various listings both on a CEX  and yield farming with SpookySwap. 

The Fantom native launchpad has been making their dApp as user-friendly and straightforward for new users as possible. Starting with the user UX, they have begun improving the onboarding process for new users to FantomStarter and reworking the investment flow. Providing a seamless investing experience when raising capital for projects on any chain was the next step for FantomStarter. 

As Alex, in charge of product development, recently mentioned, “We have seen a growing interest in the Fantom Ecosystem but also seen a myriad of opportunities on other chains that foster different niches. In addition to Fantom Chain, projects will be raising capital on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Network. Expect project initial DEX offerings to launch on one of these very soon.” 

A growing trend

At the pace the blockchain industry is developing, more and more blockchain applications are finding mainstream use cases. Many new applications and protocols are building on layer 2 and non-EVM compatible chains from algorithms to data AI, DeFi, Play2Earn and more. 

“Blockchain is novel and often complicated for new users. FantomStarter can bridge that knowledge gap by making investing on any chain super simple.” – Cary Kokkonen, Head of Marketing.

It was only a matter of time before low-cost transactions would win over the masses. These new users are coming to FantomStarter with various technical skills. All are looking to invest in assets with the potential to appreciate later. 

Technical partners

Many are catching on and are already familiar with bridges or using different RPCs when transferring funds back and forth between EVM compatible chains according to their needs. Now users will be able to transfer assets cross-chain when investing in projects from the FantomStarter dApp, rather than rely on Multichain’s platform to do this and having to open a separate app.

Powered by Multichain, the biggest multi-chain infrastructure provider in the crypto world, investing in the top blockchain networks will be as simple as connecting your wallet to one of the supported networks, and the dApp will switch to it. No “heavy lifting” will be required when transferring assets cross-chain thus optimizing the user experience efficiently. 

Executing transactions via Ankr infrastructure will be faster and more efficient than directly using the public blockchain RPCs. Ankr is a fully decentralized protocol that provides load-balanced access to node clusters from anywhere in the world. Their private endpoints dynamically reduce latency between the user and the most appropriate nodes. 

Both Multichain and Ankr support the principle of decentralized infrastructure, are chain agnostic and believe in the future of Multi-chain. The community can now expect the best user experience and latency possible when investing on any chain with their launchpad.

If you are looking to invest at Public Sale level then subscribing into a FantomStarter Tier could be for you. To help you better make your selection, this comprehensive guide covers what you will need to chose the Tier that is right for you. 

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