FantomStarter to Host 3 GameFi Projects on its Multi-chain Investment dApp

An irresistible combo of GameFI, NFTs and AR/ VR technology have been converging on FantomStarter. GAMI, Penguin Karts and Stumble Upon Rumble form the Spring 2022 IDO lineup!

We started FantomStarter in 2021 with a goal to introduce our community members and stakers to quality crypto projects that have the fundamentals to succeed above all else. Since hosting our first 6 projects we have introduced a multitude of quality of life improvements including investment flow optimization, mobile improvements and the start of FantomStarter going Multi-Chain. But this was just the beginning.

FantomStarter has recently reached a series of important milestones. After successfully raising over $1M for start-ups on Fantom, it’s now time to explore new projects and incubation opportunities on different blockchains and beyond. Read more about it here in Bloomberg or CoinMarketCap

And now with AR, VR and NFT technologies converging together to establish a new age of gaming in 2022 and beyond; we expect virtual goods and GameFi models to be  pivotal moments in history as the combination of Web3 and Gaming come together to empower users, and shift ownership away from large corporations back into the hands of the gamers. That’s why our team has focused on, and successfully brought forward 3 incredibly promising GameFi projects to FantomStarter

We are proud to share with you the Spring 2022 lineup

  1. Gami is a blockchain-based gaming studio that leverages AR, VR and NFT technologies to provide gamers with the ultimate gaming experience and reward them for their enjoyment. 

Did you know, you can already download and try GAMI? It has already amassed more than 500,000 downloads on the google play store! 

Read more about it on our blog

  1. Penguin Karts is a first-of-its-kind battle-racing + Play2Earn game. It combines the best elements of arcade-style kart racing, and Play-to-Earn NFT dynamics into a cohesive ecosystem that sees players rewarded for their skills and participation.

Did you know, Penguin Karts has over 32 investors, backers and partnerships??

Read more about it on our blog

  1. Stumble upon Rumble set out to create a game that steps away from the micro-transactions and pay-to-win models that are dominant in mobile gaming and have taken a prominent role in crypto gaming too. By creating a truly level playing field that is 100% about skill, players can experience competition like they never have before.

Did you know, your fighter in SuR will be 100% customizable? All using NFTs of course.

Read more about it on their site

The future is bright. Our team is ambitious. We are not impaired by any given blockchain technology or user-base. Our goal is simply to bring the best projects forward to our users no matter where they are, be it a chain we have yet to expand to or even traditional non-crypto-related opportunities.

Sounds great, so how can I get involved?

Project review incentives are a key part of our ecosystem. We want to encourage the spread of accurate and honest information surrounding the exciting new projects launching via FantomStarter. Read more about how you can participate below:

GAMI  | Penguin Karts

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