FantomStarter wraps up 2021 as the #1 launchpad on Fantom!

FantomStarter became the #1 incubator and launchpad on Fantom in December 2021, after successfully raising over $1mil for 5 projects over a 30 day period.

The Fantom ecosystem concurrently has shown exemplary growth reaching a total value locked (TVL) of $5.3b with promising growth still ahead for FantomStarter’s long-term investment in the Fantom ecosystem in 2022. 

New Year. New Product Update.

FantomStarter recently published the first major product update since launching the decentralized investment protocol back in November 2021. These upgrades include some of the most requested features alongside design improvements and necessary work towards making investing and raising funds on any blockchain possible. You can read more about the new features and benefits here.

Expanding horizons with more exciting Cross-Chain capabilities for Q1 2022

FantomStarter has successfully incubated and launched projects with a multi-chain funding strategy and helped them capture multiple users and revenue opportunities. Thus meeting the growing trend of projects launching IDOs on multiple EVM compatible launchpads. 

“FantomStarter will focus on chains with promising traction and saturation. This could mean connecting to ones that have yet to gain traction and where there isn’t much competition.  But at first, FS will connect to EVM chains with active communities and visionaries that need help launching their blockchain start-up successfully” – Alex, Co-Founder at FantomStarter

FantomStarter continues its mission to empower users to participate first in sales of promising web3 native start-ups with a new product “Smart Subscription”. With the help of our partners at Multichain and ANKR Networks we are set to disrupt other EVM and non-EVM launchpads in Q1 2022 with one subscription to rule all the investments.

Strategic Incubation is key!

FantomStarters innovative, decentralized, EVM Compatible DeFi platform has made investing in DeFi and crypto projects easy and accessible to the marketplace. Its strategic incubation is empowering high growth potential crypto projects with unprecedented long-term growth well beyond the initial token launching event. With a comprehensive network of advisors and partners from technology and finance to marketing and operations, incubating looks different for each project.

“FantomStarter incubator team have been of great support from the start. The team helped us navigate the regulatory and multichain requirements to seamlessly raise funds from a wide range of users using their decentralized investment app.” – Job, CEO – Founder, Chirpley

Every project would agree that the FantomStarter project accelerator module has brought them the essential strategic industry know-how, introductions and collaborations needed to succeed. FantomStarter focus will remain on a project’s long-term viability and the team’s investments follow suit with a boutique approach that readies projects from 0 to 100, one step at a time. 

More educational content with Community Project Review campaigns

Staying true to FantomStarter’s original mandate to minimize the risk of the retail investors and identify projects that have huge upside potential, this new program has been introduced to bring a new level of added validation.  The Project Review Campaign opens the door to the FantomStarter community to participate in the project vetting process. 

Each community member has the ability to submit a feedback report to FantomStarter. It offers the investor unbiased real-world project due diligence (DD). This initiative is helping educate users on the importance of doing their own research, better known as DYOR and for those who participate project tokens will be awarded to the best submission. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Stay Connected.

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Media contact:
Elizabeth Kokkonen