FDNY plans to increase the cost of ambulance runs

The FDNY likewise plans to charge $15 a mile for the excursion to the medical clinic and $66 for giving oxygen.

Also, the office is proposing a level $630 “help of treatment set up” administration, where EMS individuals will do a “distant assessment” of a patient with a medical care proficient through a sound and video connect.

“The new rates for ‘assistance of treatment set up’ remunerate the City for the time spent by emergency vehicle work force in offering such types of assistance, furnishing ambulances with the fundamental correspondences gear and other program costs,” the arrangement states.

The FDNY needs to raise its expenses “to reflect expanded expenses and help settle the City’s expense of offering these types of assistance,” the office said in its proposition.

“The proposed rates reflect expanded individual administrations costs and other-than-individual help costs needed to give crisis rescue vehicle administrations while simultaneously lessen the bit of such costs that is as of now borne by city citizens,” the FDNY clarified.

The last time the office expanded its EMS administration costs was in March 2017, authorities said.

A formal review on the proposition is planned for Nov. 2.

“EMS transport rates are intermittently expanded to reflect current expenses of running EMS,” a FDNY representative said.


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