first case of Omicron variant has been confirmed in Connecticut

The first case of the COVID-19 Omicron variant has been affirmed in Connecticut — and it’s connected back to Manhattan, the Constitution State’s governor declared on Saturday.

A completely vaccinated man in his 60s from Hartford County created “gentle indications” on Nov. 27 in the wake of interacting with a been relative to New York City to go to the Anime NYC 2021 Convention at the Javits Center between Nov. 17 and Nov. 22, Gov. Ned Lamont said in an assertion.

That relative, who was additionally vaccinated, had gentle side effects on Nov. 21, and got a positive outcome from a home COVID test on Nov. 23, the explanation said. The individual’s manifestations have since died down and extra relatives are being tried, as per the assertion.

“As I’ve been saying throughout the previous a few days, given the speed that this new variant has been spreading all over the planet and its positive ID in a few states, we assumed it was at that point in our state and the data we got from the lab today affirms that reality,” Lamont said.

Connecticut Public Health Commissioner Dr. Manisha Juthani said that the strain of the virus was isolated, sequenced and confirmed as the Omicron variant within just one day. She urged those who are not vaccinated to do so to best protect themselves against the new variant.

“Given the number of states that have distinguished Omicron to date, it was inevitable before we recognized it here in Connecticut also,” she said in an assertion.