Florida boater found massive package of cocaine

A boater observed an massive bundle of cocaine floating in the water off the Florida Keys on Saturday, authorities said.

The gigantic bundle, weighing 69 pounds, was assessed to have a $1 million road esteem, a US Border Patrol official told.

The bundle was recuperated off Islamorada in the Upper Keys, the authority said.

Thomas Martin, chief patrol agent with the Border Patrol’s Miami Sector, tweeted a picture of the recovered haul on his Twitter account Monday, saying his agency worked with support from the Coast Guard to recover the drugs.

The photograph showed what gave off an impression of being 25 separate blocks enveloped by plastic.

The waters off the Florida Keys have had some different episodes with “high tides” as of late as March, when a swimmer detected a drifting bundle with 25 blocks assessed at a road worth of more than $1.5 million.