former Nazi concentration camp guard was deported to Germany

A previous Nazi concentration camp guard who had been living in the US since 1959 was expelled to Germany Saturday, as per the Department of Justice.

Friedrich Karl Berger, 95, was eliminated from the US dependent on his work as a furnished guard at the Neuengamme Concentration Camp complex close to Hamburg in 1945. He held many detainees under “terrible” conditions at the camp, working them to the point of “fatigue and passing,” as indicated by court papers.

Berger additionally took part in a constrained clearing of the camp in March 1945, to avoid propelling British and Canadian soldiers. The fourteen day constrained walk under “inhumane conditions” brought about the passings of 70 detainees, as indicated by the DOJ, which had the option to follow Berger’s wartime job on account of a list card that was found in a submerged boat a long time after it was bombarded by the British in May 1945.

“What are the chances, you know, of that card having endure … and making it to us many years after the fact?” said Eli Rosenbaum, head of Human Rights Enforcement Strategy and Policy for the DOJ in a meeting with The media a year ago.

Berger, a long-lasting inhabitant of Tennessee, who was all the while getting a benefits from Germany for his wartime administration, is the 70th Nazi taken out from the US, as indicated by the DOJ.

“The Department marshaled evidence that our Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section found in files here and in Europe, including records of the noteworthy preliminary at Nuremberg of the most infamous previous heads of the crushed Nazi system,” said Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson in a proclamation Saturday. “In this year where we mark the 75th commemoration of the Nuremberg feelings, this case shows that the section even of numerous many years won’t discourage the Department from pursuing justice for the casualties of Nazi violations.”