Get a taste of Ray J Lakhani

We’ve come to the eerie conclusion that Ray J Lakhani is a mystery. Searching for Ray online doesn’t even scratch the surface of how entangled he is in the Los Angeles,  New York and the Paris marketing space. Ray J Lakhani has recently gained extreme notoriety with the global fashion crowd through the success of his online media companies, and there are many veterans in the space that aren’t happy. Ray’s style seems to defy the norm. While most digital entrepreneurs hover in a space of their own, Ray has been able to successfully navigate in two lanes and is beginning to gain fans from all over the world. Ray is currently the President of the fastest growing print on demand company in the United States, and simultaneously operates a multitude of online businesses, including one of the more popular digital marketing agencies in the country. When we typically read about an executive running a massive company we imagine an older gentleman in a suit and tie behind a desk, however, Ray is only 29 years old, and rocks a trendy persona that has allowed him to recently enter the contemporary hemisphere of social media influencers.

Ray has displayed an extreme twist to the current fashion trends, and his taste level—in our opinion—is beyond comparison. Ray hasn’t been afraid to publicly experiment with pieces that might be labeled unconventional—cue his pink watermelon sugar shoes, white leather jacket, and black board shorts. What stands out to us aren’t his 4 closets filled with fashion pieces from every retailer known to mankind, but his ability to take pieces from different timelines and fuse them to create masterpieces we aren’t accustomed to seeing.

Ray comes from a troubled past of substance abuse and legal drama. However, he’s been able to shift his life so dramatically that he’s beginning to get noticed. We all make mistakes on our turbulent journey to success. What matters is how we learn and improve from these mistakes, and use those experiences to assist in molding us into better human beings.

We’re more than excited to see what the future has in store for this multi dimensional trend setter. Ray J Lakhani is by no means normal, and has publicly explained that he plans on moving mountains in the fashion and business industries.

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