Google offers U.K. regulators a role overseeing its phasing out of ad-tracking technology from Chrome browser

Google is offering U.K. regulators a job directing its eliminating of ad-tracking technology from its Chrome program, in a bundle of commitments the tech monster is proposing to apply worldwide to head off a competition investigation.

The U.K. competition watchdog has been exploring Google’s proposition to eliminate purported third-party cookies over concerns they would subvert digital ad competition and dig in the company’s market power.

To address the worries, Google on Friday offered a bunch of commitments including giving the Competition and Markets Authority an oversight part as the company plans and fosters a substitution technology.

“The development of tech monsters, for example, Google has introduced competition specialists all throughout the planet with new difficulties that require another methodology,” Andrea Coscelli, the watchdog’s CEO, said.

The Competition and Markets Authority will work with tech organizations to “shape their conduct and ensure competition to the advantage of purchasers,” he said.

Google’s guarantees likewise incorporate “substantial limits” on how Google will utilize and join individual client information for digital ad purposes and a promise not to victimize rivals for its own ad businesses with the new technology.

In the event that Google’s commitments are acknowledged, they will be applied worldwide, the company said in a blog entry.

Third-party cookies – scraps of code that log client information – are utilized to help businesses all the more adequately target advertising and asset free online substance like papers. Nonetheless, they’ve likewise been a longstanding wellspring of privacy concerns since they can be utilized to follow clients across the web.

Google stirred up the digital ad industry with its arrangement to get rid of third-party cookies, which raised feelings of trepidation fresher technology would leave even less space for online ad equals. The arrangement includes supplanting “individual identifiers” with techniques that conceal clients in enormous online gatherings dependent on their inclinations while keeping web perusing accounts on gadgets to look after privacy.

The competition watchdog will look for criticism until July from different parts in the tech and digital ad industry on Google’s commitments. Then, at that point it will conclude whether to acknowledge Google’s offer and close the competition case.

Google has been occupied with wrestling with a wave tide of antitrust investigations in Europe. The U.K. offer comes days after it settled another case including its digital ad business, when it consented to pay a $268 million to France’s antitrust watchdog for mishandling its ‘prevailing’ position in online advertising.