Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s LaGuardia Airport AirTrain is officially paused by Port Authority

Shame ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s $2.1 billion “incorrect way” LaGuardia Airport AirTrain is formally “stopped” after Gov. Kathy Hochul requested the Port Authority from New York and New Jersey to track down another option, the bi-state office said on Tuesday.

“At Governor Hochul’s solicitation, the Port Authority is attempted an intensive audit of potential elective mass travel choices to LaGuardia Airport,” as per an unsigned assertion posted on the Port Authority. “During the survey, the Port Authority will stop further activity regarding the LaGuardia AirTrain project.”

The office vowed to “work in close meeting with free specialists and partners, and will finish its work as quickly as could really be expected, steady with the requirement for the audit to be intensive and thorough.”

Hochul last week said she had told the Port Authority to “completely look at elective mass travel answers for diminishing vehicle traffic and expanding availability to LaGuardia Airport” — successfully dispensing with the disputable Cuomo pet project.

Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton said last month that obtainment was in progress for the monorail, which was allowed government endorsement recently in spite of worries inside the FAA that the proposition would be more slow than driving or taking a cab.

Delivering of the proposed AirTrain association with LaGuardia Airport.

Cuomo’s proposed course would compel Manhattan-bound riders to initially travel east — away from the island — prior to associating with the metro or LIRR at Willets Point and afterward heading back west.

Resistance to the “incorrect way” plot got steam in the consequence of Cuomo’s Aug. 23 acquiescence — coming full circle with Hochul’s announcement last week.