Gov. Cuomo agrees with President Trump’s stance against ‘disrespectful’ journalists

The governor focused on individuals from the media for taking on a “nastier tone” and transparently affronting the president at press meetings.

“The manner in which they question President Trump at a portion of these press meetings is simply — I’ve never heard that tone with the president,” the New York governor told.

At the point when Chartock countered with, “Well, he merits it, doesn’t he?” Cuomo multiplied down.

“All things considered, better believe it, besides there should be a respectability to the organization,” he said. “You need to state, ‘Well I don’t care for the president and I lack of regard him.’ I know. Yet, it’s as yet the workplace of the president.”

Cuomo likewise referenced the press has taken on “a nastier tone” and said some are simply out and out “amateurish” and ask “truly one-sided questions.”

“A lack of respect never existed. I’ve watched many press meetings throughout the long term. On the off chance that anybody utilized the tone that they use with me in a portion of these press gatherings — on the off chance that you did that with my dad, you’d be fortunate in the event that he didn’t stroll around and deck you,” he added, alluding to his late dad and three-term New York Gov. Mario Cuomo.

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