Great News for ATRI and GAU Token Holders

The companies are forming a strategic alliance to launch innovative gaming projects, joint activities and promotions, joint tournaments, and many more surprise activations for ATRI and GAU token holders.

The partnership’s details will be released soon.

Atari, comprised of Atari SA and its subsidiaries, is a global interactive entertainment and multiplatform licensing group. Atari is the true innovator of the video game, founded in 1972 and owns and/or manages a portfolio of more than 200 games and franchises. This includes globally known brands such as Asteroids®, Centipede®, Missile Command® and Pong®. From this important portfolio of intellectual properties, Atari delivers attractive online games for smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices. Atari also develops and distributes interactive entertainment for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo game consoles. Atari also leverages its brand and franchises with licensing agreements through other media, derivative products and publishing. For more information, visit and Atari shares are listed in France on Euronext Paris (Compartment C, ISIN Code FR0010478248, Ticker ATA) and are eligible for the Nasdaq International program in the United States (OTC – Ticker PONGF).

Atari Chain is created by the Atari Group and shareholder, ICICB Group. Atari Token’s mission is to decentralize and universalize the gaming industry. ATRI token is designed to be the utility token of reference for the entertainment industry, either as an in-game token or as a means of payment for various types of exchanges. Developers and publishers will have new ways to monetize their products, integrate smart contracts, protect in-game and digital assets, and much more. The ATRI Token team is a combination of members of the Atari Group and ICICB.

About ICICB Group

ICICB Group is a financial services and investment management firm located in the United Arab Emirates, with operations in more than 26 countries across the world. With a focus on financial services and investment management, the Group develops and delivers new products and services to meet the expectations of stakeholders, including customers and partners. As new projects move forward, the members of the group work diligently to help businesses start up, operate, and become world leaders. The Group is also building the world’s fastest blockchain platform and metaverse, which will be based on cryptocurrency and virtual marketplace. It aims to transform the tech industry into a decentralized, virtual-reality platform, rethinking the entire user experience using augmented reality and blockchain technology. The Group is well recognized for its licensing agreement with Atari, which resulted in the development of Atari hotels in Dubai, Gibraltar, and Georgia. For more information, please visit

About Gamer Arena

Gamer Arena is an online competitive gaming platform (play to earn) in which gamers can match and compete with opponents and teams of their skill level across numerous skill-based gaming titles on all devices like mobile, PC and console. The platform launched its own cryptocurrency GAU Token available on Icrypex. The GAU Token can be used to play on games on the Gamer Arena platform, shop various items within Gamer Arena, and transfer out for other in-game currencies. Gamer Arena has been live since January 2020 and now 300,000+ gamers are competing on the platform.

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