GRIDLOCK SAM: Boost in conveyances pressing city’s parkways with trucks and traffic

There is no more fearsome beast than like a New York driver (with statements of regret to William Congreve).

Driving around NYC, in any event, during non-times of heavy traffic, as I’ve been doing, especially on the interstate framework has been infuriating. Friday night’s busy time was the most exceedingly terrible I’ve seen since pre-pandemic.

Freeways have been hit the hardest since truck volumes are presently higher than they were in February as essentially we all are requesting conveyances to our entryway. To beat back the traffic crunch, the individuals who are sound and feel great getting out there, kindly shop locally.

The every day walks from Union Square Park will begin 2 p.m. today, Sunday, and at 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, influencing heavy traffic Downtown and in Midtown a few days.


A dissent beginning 11 a.m. at Grand Army Plaza.

Early afternoon to 5 p.m. from the Brooklyn’s Black Lives Matter painting on Fulton St. close to New York Ave.

Battery Park fight close to the Brooklyn-Battery (Hugh L. Carey) Tunnel 5 p.m.

Keep away from the Holland Tunnel the remainder of the end of the week. Just a single path is open toward every path on Route 1 and 9 Truck among Kearny and Newark until 6 a.m. Monday. You’ll see reinforcements on the NJ Turnpike Extension. There’ll be comparative end of the week terminations along 1 and 9 for one more month, plan TBD.


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