Harlem heavyweights embrace Alvin Bragg for Manhattan head prosecutor

Previous Rep. Charles Rangel, ex-Gov. David Paterson and other Harlem stalwarts supported Alvin Bragg for Manhattan lead prosecutor on Tuesday.

“We have in Alvin Bragg, the opportunity to choose a one of a kind up-and-comer — one whose individual educational encounters give him the vital understanding into what is broken, who has made it his all consuming purpose to fix the brokenness and whose expert encounters have set him up for the work yet to be done,” expressed Rangel, who resigned in 2017 after a since quite a while ago run repping the area.

“Among the things we share practically speaking are a lifetime of living in and adoring Harlem and having filled in as a government examiner in the Southern District of New York, where we acquired our stripes,” he added.

Bragg additionally piled up supports from state Sen. Robert Jackson, Assemblywoman Inez Dickens, Assemblyman Al Taylor, long-lasting NAACP pioneer Hazel Dukes, ex-Manhattan Borough President Virginia Fields and others.

“He is somebody we can depend on to make our neighborhoods more secure by finishing racial incongruities and mass detainments and conveying equity for all,” Dickens said in an announcement.

In dispatching his DA crusade a year ago, Bragg underscored his experience of inconsistencies in the equity framework toward Black individuals.

He’s guaranteed to adopt a forceful strategy to end mass imprisonment and redesiging the DA’s sex-violations unit whenever chose, among different advances.


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