Harry Reid claims US government is concealing key proof of UFO experiences

The US government has key proof of conceivable close experiences with UFOs however has been concealing it for quite a long time, as indicated by previous Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The 80-year-old government official asserted in another narrative, “The Phenomenon,” that “there’s more than one up there” and even accepts they may have meddled with American weapons.

Inquired as to whether he was stating that “some proof actually hasn’t come around,” Reid demanded, “I’m stating a large portion of it hasn’t come around.”

“We have it — it’s there,” proceeded with the previous Nevada representative, who induced mystery UFO programs in the Pentagon.

“They did all that they could to prevent the program from going ahead … they don’t needed anything to do with this,” Reid said of the administration’s protection from his program attempting to uncover reality.

“No one needs to concur why it’s there. Be that as it may, shouldn’t we at any rate go through some cash to concentrate all these marvel? Shouldn’t we study this stuff? The appropriate response is yes. That is this was about.

“Also, why the government every one of these years has concealed, put brake cushions on everything, halted it. I believe it’s extremely, awful for our nation,” Reid said.

The narrative professes to be the “most believable and uncovering film ever constructed” about UFOs and unidentified airborne marvel.

Lue Elizondo, the previous overseer of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, called it “the most precise and enlightening narrative ever constructed about UAPs.”

The narrative highlights various authorities, just as those professing to have had their own nearby experiences.

“These things are genuine, they’re here — this is occurring now,” previous Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon told the narrative.


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