How Frankie Lee and His Company Have Helped Thousands of Individuals Take Back Their Personal Content

In the last few years, the non-consensual sharing of private content has been rising, with more individuals having their personal images exposed each day. The statistics on this are shocking, and a survey shows that the numbers have jumped from one in five people becoming victims of revenge porn, to one in three. For Frankie Lee, founder of, those numbers are far too high.

His company specializes in the takedown of content that damages the reputation, image, or sales of a client. Whether it be nonconsensual images, slanderous posts, or hateful accounts, are experts in their industry.

The Process of Finding and Creating a Career began after two of Frankie’s female friends found themselves in the same spot as most of his later clients. Their private photos had been shared without their consent, and they had run out of people and places to turn to for help. Frankie put all his effort into helping them, and after a couple of weeks, he successfully got the pictures taken down.

The feeling he got after helping the two was enough to push him to start his own company, and thus the website was launched. After some time, Frankie brought on James Thour as an operations manager, which allowed the two to grow the business further and bring on new members, including a sales team and partners.

A business is only as good as the people in it, so recruiting experts is crucial in succeeding. Frankie’s secret to scaling his company has been hiring people smarter than him. “I identified which areas I was lacking in and recruited based on filling those weaknesses,” he says about his process.

Finding New Solutions for Clients

Over the years, Frankie and his team have amassed a great number of accomplishments for themselves and the company. To date, their most significant success is the time they helped the Dutch police shut down the server of an anonymous revenge porn website that was sharing the images of millions of people without their consent.

Moving forward, has plans to incorporate new systems into their company. An SAAS named is currently in the works, and its goal is to offer a hands-free approach to the DMCA takedown process, which ensures positive results and will change the industry as a whole.

To keep updated with Frankie and his future work, he can be found on his website, or on Instagram at @FrankieLee.

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