Hyundai plans to invest in service robots such as the Spot

The South Korean automaker reported plans Friday to take a controlling stake in Boston Dynamics, the forefront tech firm known for its unsettlingly progressed canine like robot.

Hyundai said it will purchase around 80% of Boston Dynamics from Japanese venture goliath SoftBank Group in an arrangement esteeming the robot producer at $1.1 billion. SoftBank, which gained the organization from Google parent Alphabet in 2017, will cling to an about 20% stake.

The organizations didn’t unveil the cost or other monetary terms of the arrangement, which is relied upon to near to June of one year from now.

Established in 1992 when it was spun out from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston Dynamics has surprised the web with frightfully light-footed manifestations, for example, “Detect,” a four-legged robot that can climb steps, open entryways and convey objects.

Spot can likewise be a wrongdoing warrior — the NYPD carried one to the location of an October firing when the shooter squatted in a storm cellar.

Boston Dynamics has additionally built up a two-legged robot called “Chart book” that can do somersaults and hop into the air — and it would appear that something out of a “Terminator” film.

Hyundai said it intends to make interests in supposed help robots like Spot — which could be put to use for security and wellbeing purposes — and venture into the “humanoid robot market” with the objective of giving “complex administrations, for example, thinking about patients in clinics.

All the more for all intents and purposes, the automaker says Boston Dynamics’ innovation will likewise assist it with extending mechanization in its vehicle plants and create independent vehicles.

“The collaborations made by our association offer energizing new pathways for our organizations to understand our objective — giving free and safe development and higher plane of life encounters for humankind,” said Hyundai administrator Euisun Chung, who will claim about a fourth of his organization’s stake in Boston Dynamics.


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