“I have no hatred at all for Donald Trump,” Otis

The extremist who dressed as the Incredible Hulk and crushed President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a pickaxe tells the Daily News he has made game plans to hand himself over on Monday.

James Lambert Otis, who likewise pulverized Trump’s star in 2016, has assumed praise for the trick that was executed Friday morning; hours after the president uncovered he’d tried positive for COVID-19.

As per Otis, he harbors no animosity toward the weak president and deplores the 74-year-old pioneer’s agony.

“I have no disdain at all for Donald Trump,” Otis said by telephone from his Los Angeles home. “I simply disagree with the things he says and does.”

Otis said he made plans with neighborhood specialists to pay $4,400 in harms for the star and is anticipating guidelines from an investigator with whom he’s been in contact. Otis, of the Otis Elevator Co. family, hopes to be captured when he appears at the police area where he’s coordinated to give up.

“My senseless scheme, regardless of how ill-conceived, was my endeavor to get individuals to reexamine this man who lies eight to ten times each day,” he said.

Otis a month ago composed 20,000 lies supposedly told by the president onto many sheets of gold paper, which he unloaded off the Empire State Building. He said that trick got him for all time prohibited from the high rise — where his family introduced the lift — yet he was not captured.

The 56-year-old conservative said he finds the tone of political talk in the nation alarming and needs to see President Trump sound again — and out of office.

“I implore each day that Trump shows signs of improvement rapidly,” he said. “I would prefer not to see anybody wiped out or biting the dust.”

It’s Otis’ expectation that Trump’s own involvement in COVID-19 may change the manner in which the president approaches building up a public technique to battle the pandemic, which has slaughtered 210,000 Americans in 2020 as of now.

He sees crushing Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as an allegory for what could be the finish of the president’s time in office.

“I think his star is blurring and that he won’t be reappointed,” Otis said.

While the star and engraving of Trump’s name were dismantled under Otis’ hatchet a week ago, Otis said he effectively eliminated the insignia surrounding that star and covered it in the close by slopes.

“(Landmarks) like this mean a great deal to him, yet they don’t to me,” he said.

While Otis said he hopes to invest some energy in prison, he would like to be out before the political race and plans to keep fighting the Trump administration.


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