in Maine single-day record high for newly confirmed coronavirus cases

Maine on Monday recorded a solitary day record of recently affirmed instances of the novel coronavirus.

The state announced 427 new instances of COVID-19 on Monday, the most noteworthy number since the novel virus was first recognized in the state. The keep going record was on Dec. 2, when somewhere in the range of 349 new cases were recorded, per state health data.

Until this point in time, Maine has seen in excess of 13,770 instances of COVID-19. Exactly 227 lives have been lost to the virus in the state, and 781 individuals have been hospitalized to date.

The news comes as another state additionally observed a solitary day record high for recently affirmed instances of the virus.

Nevada throughout the end of the week saw almost 3,200 new instances of COVID-19 on Saturday, the most elevated measure of recently affirmed cases recorded in the state in a solitary day, per official appraisals.

Instances of the virus are ascending the nation over, with the U.S. on Friday setting a solitary day record with 227,885 new coronavirus cases, as indicated by gauges from Johns Hopkins University.

What’s more, cases are simply expected to increment in the coming weeks.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease expert and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, cautioned toward the end of last week that a flood in cases throughout the next few weeks is likely.

“We don’t anticipate seeing the full brunt of it somewhere in the range of two and three weeks following Thanksgiving, so I think we have not yet observed the post-Thanksgiving top,” Fauci told media on Friday. “That is the concerning thing on the grounds that the numbers all by themselves are disturbing, and afterward you understand that it is likely we’ll consider more to be a flood as we get half a month past the Thanksgiving holiday.”

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