in new survey reflects Americans’ deep discontent with how President Biden is running the country

new survey delivered Sunday reflects Americans profound discontent with how President Biden is running the nation as just an immaterial 4 percent accept things in America are going “very well.”

While the news poll pegs Biden’s job approval rating at 44 percent, which is higher than some other recent surveys, it also shows that he gets negative scores for his handling of inflation (67 percent), immigration (64 percent), the economy (61 percent), foreign policy (58 percent), and race relations (56 percent).

Biden is in a sure area for his dissemination of the Covid vaccine 53%.

Asked how they thought things were going in America, 70% say “somewhat” or “very badly,” while only 30 percent opt for “very” or “somewhat well.”

On the nation’s economy, the poll said 64 percent went with “fairly” or “very bad,” as opposed to the 30 percent who say it’s “very” or “fairly good.”

Americans predominantly find fault for the dreary economy on inflation and increasing expenses (84%), alongside gas costs (74%), shortages of products and services (71 percent), and businesses not returning to normal after the coronavirus shutdown (60 percent).

Also, inflation, which is at a three-decade high, is causing genuine difficulties for American families.

80% say they are deferring purchasing big-ticket items, 79% are going on less outings, 78% are scaling back gift shopping, and 71 percent are downsizing holiday celebrations.

And neither Democrats nor Republicans are immune from the effects of the supply chain disruptions, with 92 percent of Republicans and 75 percent of Democrats agreeing that items they usually buy are costing more, and 70 percent of Republicans and 53 percent say the items are often not in stock.

One thing in Biden’s favor is his $1 trillion bipartisan framework plan that passed Congress recently.

58% support the bill and 42 percent object.

In any case, 42% of Americans say its section didn’t change their perspective on Biden and the Democrats, while 27% say it makes them “better” and 31 percent say it “worse” of them.

On immigration, 57 percent say Biden is “not tough enough,” 28 percent say he’s handling it “about right,” and only 15 percent believe he’s “too tough.”

Gotten some information about whether foreigner families isolated at the line ought to be redressed, 63% say no, 37% say OK.

Americans are almost equitably parted on why transients make the trip to America.

53% say the transients figure the Biden organization will give them access, while 52% say they are searching for occupations and a superior life, 34% say they are fleeing crime and violence, and 13 percent say they are criminals and gang members.

The poll surveyed 2,058 grown-ups between Nov. 15-19. It has an or more/short 3 percentage points margin of error.