Israel’s foreign ministry slams an upcoming report by Amnesty accusing the country of apartheid

Israel’s foreign ministry on Monday hammered a forthcoming report by Amnesty International UK blaming the country for politically-sanctioned racial segregation – claiming the common freedoms organization was energizing discrimination against Jews.

“Amnesty’s report successfully fills in as a green light … to hurt Israel, however Jews all over the planet,” a representative for the foreign ministry said in an assertion got by media of Israel.

“Its fanatic language and twisting of chronicled setting were intended to trash Israel and pour fuel onto the fire of of antisemitism.”

The ministry asked Amnesty to without delivering the report, which is booked to be introduced Tuesday at 11 a.m. nearby time during a public interview in a Jerusalem lodging, as per the paper.

Named “Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians: Cruel System of Domination and Crime Against Humanity,” the report archives asserted violations carried out by Israel against Palestinians.

Israel Foreign Minister Yair Lapid put out his own announcement impacting the organization and the report.

Amnesty UK “is certainly not a basic liberties organization, yet simply one more extreme organization which reverberations publicity without truly taking a look at current realities,” Lapid said.

“Rather than looking for reality, Amnesty repeats similar untruths shared by fear based oppressor organizations.”

Lapid said the accusations in the report are “delusional and disconnected from reality.”