It appears Washington Football Team has picked name for next season

It would appear that the Washington Football Team has chosen a name for next season: The Washington Football Team.

Despite the fact that it initially was idea the “Washington Football Team” would be a one-season band-aid after the establishment jettisoned its disputable epithet in the late spring, it presently shows up the association will utilize the new moniker for at any rate one more year.

“There’s a very decent possibility we will be the Washington Football Team next season,” group president Jason Wright revealed to Washington TV station WJLA on Tuesday.

On July 13, the group resigned the name and logo it utilized for a very long time following a survey of the name many considered as bigoted. The Washington Football Team name was declared July 23.

“I think one year from now is quick a result of how the brand needs to meet up through regalia, through endorsement measures through the association,” Wright said Tuesday.

“We could arrive speedier, it’s in reality truly difficult to arrive that rapidly in view of all the means that require to occur.”

Proprietor Daniel Snyder, who has claimed the group since 1999, had for quite some time been against changing the group’s name and promised in 2013 to “never” change his view. He even battled right to the Supreme Court to secure the group’s unique name.

Snyder had to change his tune after corporate patrons FedEx — which has its name on the arena the group plays in — Nike and PepsiCo put focus in the group to cut out the epithet.


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