Jasmy x MetaVisa Announce Cooperative AMA and Giveaway

MetaVisa, the layer-3 middleware protocol based on Ethereum, is dedicated to developing decentralized identity and building a credit system in the Metaverse. Jasmy, is an organization that develops IoT (Internet of Things) platforms. Through this joint AMA, both parties will work towards a final cooperation. 

Rather than coordinating networks of devices and data through centralized servers, Jasmy aims to decentralize the process via edge computing and storing data on IPFS, a decentralized storage network. JASMY can be used to transfer tokens between devices and payment for network services. JASMY has listed on Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, KuCoin, CoinEx, MEXC, Gate.io,CEX.IO,Bittrex, Crypto.com, HOO,etc. 

This collaboration aims to achieve interoperability between the two blockchain ecosystems using NFT and other technologies. While this NFT bridge is still under construction, it will launch to all users in the near future. This is also an important opportunity for Jasmy as their major inroad into the Metaverse market.

On December 29th, MetaVisa will host an AMA on Jasmy official telegram community channel https://t.me/OfficialJasmyUniverse. This allowed both communities to ask direct questions about MetaVisa and what they want to achieve with NFT or other applications in Metaverse or in blockchain. In this AMA, will give away $600 to participate, and will also reward members who follow and retweet the event tweet. 

MetaVisa is now holding an airdrop event where users who mint MetaVisa Hero Assembly NFT will have a chance to share $100,000 USDT bounty rewards. This is the limited-edition line of MetaVisa Hero Assembly, a total of 10,000 of these special NFTs exist, and no more will ever be created.

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