Jen Psaki says President Biden will hold his first press conference on March 25

President Biden will hold his first White House press conference on March 25, his press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday.

Biden broke a more than exceptionally old record without a press conference as another president, drawing broad criticism from media sources.

“President Biden will hold a proper press conference on the evening of Thursday, March 25th,” Psaki said in an articulation.

The quantity of correspondents who will be permitted to go to the occasion is hazy, as is whether Biden will call from a readied rundown of journalists.

Previous President Donald Trump much of the time facilitated extensive and aggressive press conferences with journalists. Biden, on the other hand, takes not many inquiries from correspondents at occasions.

At the point when Biden answers columnists on the White House grass or in the Oval Office, his answers are regularly concise.

Biden, 78, is scandalous for verbal errors that occasionally occupy from his political plan. For instance, Psaki was a week ago left tidying up Biden’s new unscripted comment to an Indian-American designer that immigrants from India are “assuming control over the country.”

Psaki showed at a press preparation that it’s conceivable Biden will be given a rundown of affirmed journalists at his first press conference.

The White House press office strongly checked writer access in January when Biden got to work — refering to the COVID-19 pandemic — and has asked a few journalists at late press briefings to submit inquiries early.