Jigstack’s STAK IDO On Lemonade Will Happen On April 22

Jigstack (jigstack.org), the team elevating DeFi to new levels by making this industry more accessible than ever before, will organize their upcoming IDO token sale on April 22nd, 2021. The IDO will take place on Lemonade, the token launchpad under the broader Jigstack DAO umbrella. 

Jigstack intends to bring decentralized finance to a much broader audience, similar to how Microsoft ensured every household has a home computer today. By empowering users directly, the team and the native solutions built by them aim to make DeFi more appealing to non-crypto currency users. Under the DAO structure, the team is building multiple revenue-generating decentralized products capable of working independently or complementing one another. 

One of the projects under the Jigstack DAO is Lemonade, a decentralized and transparent token sale platform. Contrary to other token launchpads, anyone can set up a campaign via Lemonade with a few clicks. There is no requirement for technical knowledge or blockchain coding. Every campaign is created through a web interface that provides multiple campaign customization options for teams and companies alike. 

What sets Lemonade apart under the hood is how it has much lower fees than competing solutions. Additionally, the revenue generated by organizing token sales is mainly distributed to holders of the STAK token. Lemonade will bring revenue from token sales on Ethereum and Hedera Hashgraph to STAK holders, both through direct revenue and token burns. 

The STAK token – the native governance asset of the Jigstack ecosystem – empowers users by letting them determine the future of the DAO and all of the products it encompasses. Combined with the revenue this token generates via all products, it has unprecedented revenue divided potential. Every transaction via Jigstack’s products is subject to a 1% transaction fee, of which 80% flows back to STAK holders.

By hosting the STAK token sale on the Lemonade platform come April 22nd, 2021, the team affirms their belief in the technology they are creating. Lemonade’s technology has undergone an audit by CyberUnit, ensuring the platform will operate as intended by the developers. With this audit, the team can confidently provide its entire feature set – including automated whitelisting, token vesting, and lower fees – to the public. 

STAK token holders will benefit from the 1% transaction fee that is part of all Jigstack network activity. As Lemonade is compatible with both Ethereum and Hedera Hashgraph, it provides an exciting outlook for those who treat STAK as a revenue-generating asset. Additionally, all token sales via Lemonade have an extra fee of 1% of the token supply being sold, distributed to all STAK holders. 

The Jigstack IDO token sale for STAk on April 22nd serves as a viable example of how Lemonade can facilitate and attract future token sales. Lowering the barriers to entry will spur on broader adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, benefiting the broader industry. 

About Jigstack

Jigstack intends to build a decentralized and autonomous for decentralized finance purposes, marketing, affiliate programs, token sales, and much more. All of its products can be found under the Jigstack DAO, which community members fully manage. The Jigstack ecosystem spans multiple revenue-generating products and services, all of which bring direct value and revenue to STAK token holders. 

Website: https://jigstack.org/

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