Joe Biden is set to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping Monday

President Joe Biden is set to talk with Chinese President Xi Jinping Monday, as strains among Beijing and Washington have mounted.

The arranged virtual meeting will be the third discussion between the pair since Biden got down to business toward the start of the year, and the first since media sources detailed in mid-October that China had in August tried a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile causing alert among US intelligence officials.

They talked most as of late on Sept. 9, when Xi rebuked Bidens demand for an in-person conversation determined to ease strains between the world powers. The leaders didn’t talk about the COVID-19 pandemic during the call, as per the White House.

The Monday meeting comes on the heels of the US testing Israel’s Iron Dome missile-defense system on Guam, due to military officials’ concern about potential China launching missile tests and attacks. Additionally, the talk comes after the US Holocaust Memorial Museum announced Tuesday that it found evidence that there is “a reasonable basis” to believe that previously alleged crimes against humanity against the Uighurs are increasing.

Last week, the White House pledged Biden will be candid with Xi with regards to Americas concerns with Chinas government.

The two chiefs will examine approaches to dependably deal with the opposition between the United States and the PRC, just as ways of cooperating where our inclinations adjust, press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday in an assertion. All through, President Biden will clarify US expectations and needs and be clear and candid with regards to our concerns with the PRC.

Psaki declined to say whether Biden will during Mondays consider propose the topic of Chinas treatment of Covid or its obscure starting points, while demanding the presidents positively not going to keep down on issues regarding which he is concerned.

Xi, as far as it matters for him, has focused on the significance of cooperation among China and America.

At the present time, China-US relations are at a critical historical juncture.

The two nations will acquire from cooperation and lose from a conflict, Xi composed as of late in a letter addressed to the National Committee on US-China Relations. Cooperation is the only right choice.

On Saturday, reps from China and the US were among nearly 200 countries to reach an agreement on boosting efforts to combat climate change, in a rare moment of unity between the rivals.

All things considered, a few experts dont expect the meeting will be especially productive.