Joe Biden was spotted at church in Delaware after Capitol Hill siege

President-elect Joe Biden was seen at church in Delaware Saturday evening, days after large number of supportive of Trump rioters raged the U.S. Legislative hall during a brutal attack that murdered in any event five individuals.

Biden was seen leaving St. Joseph on the Brandywine Roman Catholic church in Wilmington, where he’s a normal parishioner.

Biden, wearing a dim hued suit coat and blue face veil, was shadowed by his security detail as he left the church.

He went to mass after freely denouncing the lethal Capitol Hill attack, considering it an “attack on out vote based system,” and “perhaps the haziest days in our nation’s history.”

Allies of President Trump discontent with the political decision result broke into Capitol Hill on Wednesday as Congress assembled to guarantee Biden’s Electoral College win.

At any rate five individuals were slaughtered, including a Capitol cop who was clubbed with a discharge douser, an Air Force veteran who was shot inside the structure, and three passed on during health related crises.

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