K-9 discovers 24 pounds of cocaine reserved in NYC pad’s mystery compartment

A sharp-nosed police pooch tracked down in excess of 24 pounds of cocaine that was reserved behind washroom vanity in the Bronx loft of a supposed medication dealer.

The Port Authority police K-9 Balu helped bust claimed dealer, Cesar Chavez, 51, and two others in The Bronx who had $125,000 in real money and the huge amount of cocaine worth about $600,000, city, state and government organizations, specialists reported Wednesday.

Cesar Chavez, of Manhattan, is the supposed genius dealer who worked to make sure about strong amounts of cocaine during a Covid pandemic-incited deficiency, as per specialists.

His nephew Cristian Rodriguez Chavez, 32, and Roberto Javier-Batista, 38, both of the Bronx, were additionally busted in the sting — a planned exertion among the NYPD, state police, Port Authority police and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Police found the heaps of money in a rucksack and half-kilogram of cocaine under a seat in a 1500 Popham Ave. condo accepted to have a place with Cesar Chavez. As Port Authority police helped search the home, Balu drove the specialists to the washroom, where the vast majority of the cocaine was found in a mystery compartment behind the vanity and medication bureau.

The inquiry and captures occurred on Sept. 3, when state police and DEA operators saw Cesar Chavez convey a block formed bundle enclosed by plastic with Javier-Batista as they left Chavez’s presumed Morris Heights condo, as per specialists.

The pair at that point bounced in a vehicle, with Chavez in the driver’s seat. As state police endeavored to stop the vehicle, Javier-Batista purportedly fled the vehicle conveying the bundle.

Soon thereafter, state police again watched Chavez leave the loft, this time entering a vehicle driven by Rodriguez Chavez. Not long after Javier-Batista was spotted entering the rearward sitting arrangement conveying what gave off an impression of being a similar block formed bundle as before in the day.

As police halted the vehicle, they supposedly saw Javier-Batista attempting to stash the bundle under the driver’s seat. Police held onto the bundle, which was later resolved to be 2.2 pounds of cocaine.

Specialists at that point utilized Chavez’ keys to look through the condo, where they found the reserve as he sat in the rear of a state police vehicle. Cops in the vehicle saw a security alert pinged his wireless as the specialists entered the loft, investigators said.

The bundles of cocaine in the restroom were named with a “Chinese mythical beast stamp,” investigators said.

“The lead charged for this situation is audacious. The respondents’ supposed cocaine business prospered as the Bronx and the remainder of New York City battled with decimation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic,” New York City Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan said in an announcement.


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