KingSpeed Officially Launches Its Staking System to Reward Users With Up to 97% APY

After a successful listing on PancakeSwap in early December, KingSpeed ​​has continued to impress the NFT gaming space with the launch of their Staking System for its native token KingSpeed Crystal ($KSC) – complete with attractive interest rates and rewards. Now, with the launch of staking, KingSpeed says it has created a way for users to monetize their tokens through term staking rewards.

‘Staking’ is the process of ‘locking up’ your tokens or NFTs and agreeing for them to temporarily become part of the blockchain infrastructure. This adds considerable stability and liquidity to the system without compromising the decentralized nature of blockchain exchanges.

Companies operating within blockchain gaming and GameFinance (GameFi) architecture have recently begun to incentivize staking on their platforms, attempting to increase flexibility and security within their own blockchain ecosystems through the staking of player tokens.

KingSpeed’s Staking system will allow holders to delegate or lock up tokens in staking pools. Holders need a minimum stake of 500 $KSC and receive from more than 8% to 97% of the value staked in rewards based on how many tokens they stake. 

In addition, with high value and long-term stake packages, holders also have the opportunity to receive NFT cars, and even a ticket to buy their NFT loot box in their Initial NFT Offering (INO). 

KSC holders can begin staking their tokens for rewards and for the chance to own their rare version of NFT from now here.

About King Speed:

King Speed is a Free-to-play and Play-to-earn blockchain-based racing game where players use NFT cars and equipment to challenge other players

in a huge and ever-expanding racing world that we created. In Kingspeed, users can collect rare virtual items including Cars, Drivers, Gears, and Race Tracks. Furthermore, they can use their collectibles to race in our racing games. The design of the collectible components of the game simulates traditional scarcity-based collecting games. Our racing game will contain multiple game modes and activities, allowing users to earn rewards while playing the game.

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