Kishimoto Inu Captures First-mover Advantage in Blockchain-based Anime Projects as It Prepares to Launch Its Katsumi Governance Token

Big things are in store for Kishimoto Inu as the anime focused protocol prepares to launch the first active burn DAO token in Q1 2022

2021 saw the rise of several popular sectors of the cryptocurrency ecosystem including decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), meme coins and the Metaverse, all coming together in a breakout year for the nascent asset class that saw its total market cap hit a record high of $2.945 trillion dollars. 

As 2022 gets underway with the overall cryptocurrency market in consolidation mode as its gathers strength for its next uptrend in the continuing bull market cycle, projects that hope to stand out from the crowd and attract a larger market share are striving to develop and expand their ecosystems to keep up with the latest developing trends across the ecosystem. Kishimoto is just starting to catch eyes as they suit up to be the first listed token on SaitaMask this weekend.

One such project that is leading the way in the anime and Inu sector of the cryptocurrency market by adding new and innovative features, as well as classic favorites, to its expanding ecosystem is Kishimoto Inu, a project design to be a medium for the buying, selling and creation of Anime on a blockchain. It is clear that Kishimoto plans to make a foundation in the cryptoverse by serving utility first and locking over $3,000,000.00 of liquidity for 100 years in addition to being available on four exchanges (XT, ZT, Hotbit, LBank, and BKEX).

Following the project’s stealth launch in October of 2021, the Kishimoto Inu team has been hard at work developing the new protocol components that will transform Kishimoto into a standalone DeFi and NFT protocol that can serve the needs of the entire anime ecosystem. 

The first project to implement an active burn mechanism

One of the biggest upcoming developments for the protocol is the release of the Katsumi governance (DAO) token that will give token holders an active say in the future development of the protocol. 

In keeping with the promise to innovate and lead the way in the blockchain industry, the Katsumi token will be the first token to implement an active burn mechanism on the Kishimoto token by automatically sending a small percentage of coins that are purchased to a dead wallet, helping to instantly increase the price per coin with each transaction. It has been made clear by the team that 90% of Katsumi token total circulating supply will only be obtainable via staking Kishimoto tokens thus rewarding current Kishimoto holders, encouraging investors to hold for the long run.

Katsumi’s tokenomics will assist with Kishimoto’s success while simultaneously helping make the world a better place. 5% of each transaction will be actively burned while another 3% will be donated to charities that are voted on by token holders. 

This innovative new mechanism is a first for governance tokens and demonstrates the team’s willingness to step outside of the boundaries of what has been done before in order to bring more value to its community. 

Innovative strategies to revolutionize the cryptoverse

Several significant developments in the pipeline for the Kishimoto Inu platform including the release of KishiSwap V2 in Q1 that will allow staking and the ability to mint NFTs, a built-in VPN that can help ensure token holders and investors remain safe and secure while browsing the internet, and a 3D NFT marketplace that will showcase the best that anime on the blockchain has to offer. Kishimoto is also developing a P2E (play to earn) game that will utilize their NFT collection in game.

To top it all off, the team at Kishimoto Inu has demonstrated that they are on top of the latest emerging trends in the crypto economy as a whole with the release of a cross-chain bridge that allows token holders to transfer their assets between the Fantom network, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Ethereum. 

Those looking to get in early on one of the next big trends in cryptocurrencies as the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology continues to unfold in the years ahead would be wise to take a deeper dive into Kishimoto Inu as this future all-in-one anime focused ecosystem has the first-mover advantage when it comes to the combination of anime, DeFi and NFTs. 

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