Krew Studios Unveil Avatar Project Living in a Pastel World

Web3 venture Krew Studios has released details of its latest project, a collection of “prophet” avatars known as Pastel World. 

The latest collection, a collaboration between musician JVCKJ (formerly one half of pop duo Jack & Jack) and visual artist Uriah Barrett-Thomas, has been six months in the making and is a follow-up to the Masks NFT project designed by artist Jordi Mollà.

Pastel World will feature 8,888 generative PFPs known as Pastel Prophets. These colorful anime characters have been forced to find a new homeland after the total annihilation of their native planet, and armed only with magical backpacks that must be nurtured, they face an uncertain future in Pastel World. 

Holders of Pastel Prophet NFTs must ensure that they flourish and repopulate – or face extinction. Interestingly, users who participated in the previous Masks drop, specifically those who hold three or more masks, will attain priority whitelist access to Pastel World when it launches. The Masks collection comprised 6,699 unique NFTs and debuted on the Raini platform in December.

“Pastel World is a hugely exciting collection, one that leverages the considerable creative talents of two supremely gifted artists,” said Rambino, co-founder of Krew Studios. “What JVCKJ and Uriah have produced builds on the success of Masks while offering something completely different to what is currently out there in the NFT space.”

Co-founder Emily Rose Fiander concurs. She added: “Krew Studios has always been about harnessing as much creative energy as we can, and in doing so, bringing value to our growing community. This new collection very much reflects our storytelling vision, and it’s all down to JVCKJ and Uriah.”

Those who acquire prophet avatars will attain membership access to all Pastel World brands and metaverse community ownership moving forward. The date for the launch of the NFT collection will be announced in the near future, with the entire collection set to be made available on the website.

About Krew Studios

Founded by an experienced team of Web3 and NFT enthusiasts, Krew Studios is a creative venture focused on bridging the gap between physical and digital art.

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