large amount of copper wire stolen from NYC subway stations

Thieves entered through sewer vents on the 34th Street and Canal Street tram stations and took a huge number of dollars worth of copper wire, specialists said Friday.

An expected 30,000 feet of copper wire was jacked along the 1, 2,3 metro lines on Oct. 23, causing $10,000 worth of misfortunes, police sources said.

Police said the speculates probably realized where to enter to get to the wire.

The MTA and NYPD are examining how the copper was copped.

“When it was resolved that copper wire was missing from burrow territories, we dispatched an inward audit and have informed the NYPD and MTA monitor general,” said MTA representative Tim Minton.

“We pay attention to this issue very and will participate completely with the free examinations concerning what happened.”

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