Lone workers ensure their safety with the ultra-reliable IoT fall detection and alert solution of Wearin’

Since November 20, concrete producer PRO BETON’s lone worker protection equipment has incorporated Wearin’s IoT solution, which alerts the control center in the event of an accident and detects falls with unrivalled reliability.

The Conextivity Group’s startup Wearin’ has developed a solution connecting the lone worker with the control center commissioned by concrete producer PRO BETON to ensure the safety of its teams of machine operators and cleaners working on production sites during the day, night and weekends.

Based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology and powered by AI, the solution comprises two platforms, one physical and the other digital, communicating with each other in real time. A device attached to the worker’s vest, called the Wearin’ Brain, embeds three safety alert and detection systems: one to alert the control center via the Wearin’ SOS button that can be activated manually in the event of an accident; an inertial sensor that can automatically detect a fall (in case the alert cannot be raised manually); and GPS to pinpoint the precise location of the worker. Data and alerts are sent and collected via the Cloud to the Wearin’ dashboard integrated into the central monitoring system, allowing the control center to take appropriate emergency and rescue measures according to the alerts they have received.

A PRO BETON employee with the Wearin’ Brain visible below the right shoulder.

“The reliability of the solution, in particular its advanced automatic fall detection system, makes the difference in securing lone working time and meeting the comfort and safety needs of our employees,” explains Éric Guillot, Director of PRO BETON based in Geneva. “As they work alone in a noisy, high-risk environment, it’s crucial for them to be able to rely on cutting-edge technology that incorporates all the necessary safety features so that the safety control center can intervene in a timely and appropriate manner in the event of an accident.”

Éric Guillot, Director of PRO BETON

As its name suggests, the Wearin’ Brain attached to the worker’s vest is the brain of the hardware and software systems in Wearin’s IoT solution. Alvaro Goncalves, Technical Director at Wearin’, explains: “The Brain contains the SOS button, the fall detection sensor, the GPS system, a 10-hour battery enabling it to last an entire shift of PRO BETON employees without additional charging, as well as the LTE module for secure data transmission to the alarm center.”

The fall detection sensor designed by Wearin’ offers unrivalled reliability on the market, minimizing the risk of false positives experienced with other, less advanced competing products. Aurélie Balsa, Embedded Software Manager at Wearin’, emphasizes this key differentiator: “The critical problem faced by this type of system is the frequency of false positives and the impact they have on the worker. The detection provided by other products less advanced than ours is sometimes so unreliable that users, annoyed by repeated false alarms, end up disconnecting the system altogether. Wearin’s solution comprises hardware, firmware and embedded algorithms. Based on data from our accelerometer and gyroscope, our algorithms reduce false positives to less than 1%, to the great satisfaction of users, who find it all the easier to adhere to this security system.”

Jonathan Brossard, CEO of Conextivity Group, is delighted with this IoT platform which perfectly meets the particular needs of the lone worker market. “The trend we’re seeing in this sector is a strong and genuine concern on the part of companies for the health and safety of their employees. These companies no longer want to limit themselves to ticking the boxes on safety checklists provided by regulatory authorities. They demand real solutions to the real-life issues specific to their operations. In this respect, Wearin’ provides an end-to-end connectivity solution that is not only ultra-reliable, but also modular and scalable, capable of adapting to the specific security typologies and requirements of each client organization.”

Jonathan Brossard, CEO of Conextivity Group

According to the latest market studies, Europe employs 10 million lone workers.



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