Los Angeles is closing outdoor seating spaces on public property as amid a spike in COVID-19 cases

A city close to Los Angeles is shutting open air seating spaces on open property beginning Sunday night in the midst of a spike in COVID-19 cases across the county.

The city, Manhattan Beach, is situated along the Southern California coast, around 20 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles.

Beginning at 10 p.m. on Sunday, tables and seats in outside seating spaces will be taken out until additional notification, the city said.

The declaration comes after the city on Saturday reported that COVID-19 cases – presently at 821 – have almost multiplied since Nov. 1.

On Dec. 31, the every day number of new cases was 21. On New Year’s Day, that number had move to 26. In the interim, ICU limit in Southern California is 0%.

Manhattan Beach Mayor Suzanne Hadley asked inhabitants to “remain at home if conceivable, and for the most part go out for work and fundamentals, or to practice outside.”

“This new spike in the virus is huge regardless of the uplifting news a month ago of our Manhattan Beach firemen getting a portion of the principal COVID-19 immunizations,” Hadley said. “Albeit public seating territories will be shut briefly, it would be ideal if you keep supporting our neighborhood organizations that offer get, curbside, take-out and conveyance administrations.”

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