Louisville police major allegedly calls dissidents ‘troublemakers’ in demonizing email

A white Louisville police major supposedly decried individuals fighting racial unfairness and police fierceness as “troublemakers” who will wash vehicles, working at Walmart or living in their folks’ cellars for their entire lives, as indicated by a report.

“I realize it is difficult to keep our musings and assessments to ourselves in some cases, particularly when we, all in all or as an individual, become the objective of individuals in the public who condemn what we manage without knowing the realities,” the message purportedly composed by Maj. Bridget Hallahan peruses, the Louisville Courier-Journal revealed.

“These ANTIFA and BLM individuals, particularly the ones who just got on board with the fleeting trend ‘yesterday’ since they became ‘woke’ (embed eye move here), don’t merit a subsequent look or thought from us. Our little pinky toenails have more character, ethics, and morals, than these troublemakers have in their whole body,” the criticizing message proceeds.

“Try not to stop to their level. Try not to react to them. In the event that we do, we just approve what they did. Try not to make them significant, on the grounds that they are most certainly not. They will be the ones washing our vehicles, changing us out at the Walmart, or living in their folks’ storm cellar playing COD for as long as they can remember,” it includes.

The message likewise guarantees that cops and their families are being “doxed simply in light of the fact that individuals simply don’t care for being determined what to do or what not to do by police.”

“There is right now no response we have for occurrences including the doxing of officials or their families,” the essayist says. “What we can do is oppose them and put reality out there.”

Hallahan, who orders the police power’s Fifth Division, couldn’t be gone after remark by the paper. Police representative Sgt. Lamont Washington told the outlet that the office is investigating the issue and had no further remark.

Councilman Brandon Coan said the letter appears “bizarre” for Hallahan, “and that is the reason it’s so stunning.”


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