Mathew Moxness, CEO of Crescendo Equity, Transforms Aging Buildings Into Much-Needed Homes

Mathew Moxness is a Canadian entrepreneur and the founder of Crescendo Equity, a real estate investment company that has acquired properties in numerous markets across Ontario. Crescendo Equity offers qualified private and group investors unique opportunities to participate in the ownership of prime commercial real estate, with a special focus on multi-family apartment buildings throughout Canada. Recently, Mat acquired an underperforming building that he intends to transform completely.

Changing Rundown Buildings Into Family Homes

Crescendo Equity’s most recent ventures involve asset repositioning in Northern Ontario, leading them to acquire a retirement home and building apartments in Niagara Falls. One might think that the community would be upset over losing a retirement home, but everyone is grateful that Mat decided to step in and do something about the building.

The retirement home was established in the 1990s and has been closed for many years now. Of course, the property was neglected all those years until Mat and Crescendo Equity decided to step in. Mat’s plan is to transform the retirement home into multi-family housing.

Mathew’s undertaking will provide a much-needed multi-family building in the Niagara region. Not only will Mat provide affordable housing for multiple families but he’ll also create local jobs and improve livability for the community at large.

Expanding Into Northern Ontario Markets

In addition to acquiring the retirement home in the Niagara Falls region, Mathew has already expanded into Northern Ontario markets, such as Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury. Crescendo Equity is targeting aging and underperforming properties and plans to revitalize them.

“We think it’s really important to preserve the unique value of aging supply while also providing renters with contemporary suites,” Mathew says. “We plan to follow suit in underperforming markets throughout the country.”

Acquisition of assets in Niagara and Greater Sudbury is just the beginning; Crescendo Equity plans to obtain and reposition underperforming assets across Ontario. Mathew is not afraid of failure because he is quite sure that he has discovered a bulletproof strategy for success in the real estate industry.

After having revitalized several aging buildings, Mat noticed that acquiring, revitalizing, refinancing, and delivering an improved asset back to the community and investors always pays off. The demand for multi-family units is high and supply is sorely lacking, and Mathew is planning to keep the momentum going.

In addition to running Crescendo Equity, Mat is also a contributor to Forbes Councils. For more information about Mat’s future undertakings, make sure to visit Crescendo Equity’s official website.

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