Meet humanoid robot called Robby Megabyte , who sings and plays musical instruments

SARAJEVO – Bosnia’s most well known rock band, Dubioza Kolektiv, has a newcomer who sings and plays instruments – a humanoid robot called Robby Megabyte.

Understudies from Sarajevo University’s electrical engineering school consented to assemble Robby after the band mentioned a robot intended to fit the idea of their collection #fakenews, which was delivered a year ago.

“Our robot… likes to eat, drink, yell, he enjoys music,” said Vedran Mujagic, the band’s bass player who was generally associated with planning the idea for Robby.

In a video cut for the #fakenews collection, one band part figures it is enjoyable to have a robot take care of his job while he unwinds and has a great time, so he arranges one and gathers it.

Steadily the entire band is supplanted by robots in the clasp, permitting the men to proceed to party. Yet, they at that point get bolted out of their studio and the robots have the last snicker, welcoming young ladies to move and drink as the men look on from outside.

“Each seemingly insignificant detail is under machine control,” Robby sings in a melody called “Accept my position away”.

The message – about “underhanded man-made consciousness which removes occupations from great individuals” – is expected to be amusing, Mujagic said.

One of the understudies who aided form the robot utilized in the collection, Almir Besic, said the task had been a test since they don’t knew anything from the outset about the 3D printing expected to construct the robot and came up short on the important equipment.

They utilized reused materials, including a Golf 2 pivot shaft and infant streetcar wheels, to make the stage on which Robby moves. It took them around two years to finish the venture.

At the point when Robby at long last became animated, “it was a particularly euphoric second, after such a lot of exertion, such countless hours spent working in the school to see that it works”, Besic said.

The band Dubioza Kolektiv is known for its mixed melodic style and socially and politically drew in verses.

Robby partook in the band’s online week by week gigs called “Isolate Show” during lockdowns forced a year ago to check the spread of the Covid pandemic.