MetaVisa x GEMS Strategic Partnership Announcement

MetaVisa is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with GEMS to provide a better “Metaverse Journey on GameFi and SocialFi”. The two parties’ vision is to create the best experience for the current and future Esports fans. By empowering the ecosystem through the support of the decentralized identity and credit system from MetaVisa, GEMS aims to help gamers discover games with high potential returns and connect worldwide crypto-gamers and turn GameFi into the next Esports.

GEMS is an Esports NFT Social Sharing Portal, providing NFT rental services to introduce multiple payment models and loans to make expensive NFTs available for everyone. With the assisting toolkit of credit record standards measured by MetaVisa Credit System(MCS), the two parties are not only tracking users’ footprint across the Metaverse but also by boosting their potential yields from any game in this ecosystem.

Except for NFT rental, GEMS and MetaVisa also aim to build up a FanFi studio and DAO Guild to acquire more game aficionados to influencers and to empower gamers to make decisions for maximizing in-game profit with professional tips. And the NFT here can also be equipped as a powerful add-ons in the DAO community.

By integrating the GameFi, NFT, and Esports in Metaverse, providing an O2O ecosystem, it will eventually form an on-chain society, finally achieving the interactions between “on-chain address identity.

As part of this newly formed partnership, MetaVisa is honored to be one of the links added to GEMS’s list of supported protocols, helping to enhance users’ preference tracking while maximizing the benefits for gamers in this ecosystem by on-chain behavior analysis. The gamers address engagement will be accumulated as experience points and compounded along with many other GameFi projects in the Metaverse, and will also help MetaVisa optimize its credit system to provide better services for more users.

Stay tuned with MetaVisa and GEMS for more details.





Media Contact: Eddie Shi,