Mets missing playoffs is one of greatest disappointments in team history

This was continually going to be the trickiest part for the Mets, regardless of how much the odd number juggling of this baseball season needed to demand they weren’t yet covered for good. This was consistently the thing the 2020 Mets were always unable to do with any sensible measure of consistency:

Dominate baseball matches.

At long last, even in a season when so little bodes well, the Mets were inevitably going to be needed to assemble a series of wins. They must locate a stretch of plan for which they won multiple games in succession. Just they never did. They never burst into flames — or even prod the indoor regulator anyplace north of freezing.

They always lost multiple games in succession. Consider that. Consider all the crummy groups you’ve seen over the years. Furthermore, sure, I’ll spare you time from finding it: the ’62 Mets, the most noticeably awful group throughout the entire existence of baseball, additionally experienced an entire 160-game timetable and always lost more than three of every a line.

Do you actually truly need to be in a similar sentence as the ’62 Mets? For anything?

No, in their own particular manner the 2020 Mets have been their own disastrous landmark to underachievement and underperformance, since they really had desires connected to this season. Is it safe to say that they were in similar class as the Dodgers and the Braves? No. The Yankees or the Athletics? No.

Be that as it may, in a year when eight out of 15 National League groups would meet all requirements for the end of the season games, they totally ought to have made sense of an approach to make the postseason competition. That they won’t is among the most miserable disappointments in the group’s history, and that specific rundown isn’t actually a short one.


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