Millennial Influencer Juan Munoz Makes an Impact With Avid Video Marketing Strategies

Starting at the age of 12, Creative Director and Millennial Influencer Juan Munoz started to get into video editing. With his skills and an eye for visual entertainment, he is still one of the go-to video editors for today’s influencer.

Born in Bogota in Colombia, Juan Munoz moved to Florida at the age of 4. He started to show interest in video editing at the age of 12, and never gave up on his passion until he got an opportunity 9 years after. It proved him that even he reached the point of giving up his interest to be one of the top YouTube video editors.

“I stayed inside countless days just learning how I could become the top video editor on YouTube. I had many nights where I wanted to give up but deep down inside I held up and stayed positive and at the age of 21, I brought travel videos into my editing space. This opened up a whole new world for me as many influencers started to request my editing for their luxury travel videos.”

Of course, success doesn’t even come overnight. His parents didn’t even like what he was doing, even if he already started studying in school to be a creative director. However, his parents realized that he was earning a lot of money and that he became great at what he was doing. Seizing the chance to work for more influencers, he started his own business – realizing that influencers don’t have enough time to edit their videos on their respective channels. This led him to create his own brand and Instagram account of the handle @juanmunoztv. It helped him to get connected to more influencers easily, as he started to be mentioned and tagged by top influencers for his works.

“I started my own business after I realized that many influencers don’t have too much time on their hands to edit or film. This helped me brand myself and create a name for my Instagram Juanmunoztv after every influencer would mention and shout me out for editing or filming their videos.”

Most people weren’t having the great start to 2020 they were expecting due to the pandemic, but Juan saw this as the best year of his life. Most people choose online spaces to keep safe from the virus. This is where a lot more opportunities opened for him and even using the situation to promote and create more videos as much as possible. It made him reach 100,000 followers on his own Instagram account, where the biggest names and popular brands started to avail of his video editing services.

“The big names on instagram and major businesses that wanted to take everything online “knocked on my door” requesting my services through Instagram Direct messaging and emails. Since we all had to quarantine I spent all of my days filled with client work taking my business to further levels that I couldn’t ever imagine.”

This year 2021 is just a start of something bigger for Juan. He was invited to private exclusive gatherings alongside top entrepreneurs for free, getting more video editing experience and growing his connections. He is proud that he stuck to his passions and never gave up when the times are tough. Now, his experiences are a reminder for him to keep doing his best even when he already reached his dreams.