Missing Brooklyn children found in Iowa Town

A 14-year-old Brooklyn kid who skipped town with his 11-year-former sweetheart was discovered speeding in his father’s vehicle in an Iowa town on Sunday, police and sources said.

The youthful lovebirds, Kevin Figueros, of Midwood, and Amaya Arguelles, of Bensonhurst, were accounted for missing on Thursday — and made it in excess of 1,200 miles before cops in Council Bluffs pulled them over, the NYPD said.

The advanced Romeo was zooming in the driver’s seat of his father’s Toyota smaller than usual van when he was halted, police sources said.

It wasn’t clear precisely why the children had left the Big Apple.

They were taken to the Council Bluffs Juvenile Detention Center and their folks were told, the sources said.


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