mob Cops saga is becoming a true crime tv series

The narrative of infamous “Mob Cops” Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito — adorned NYPD criminologists who subtly worked two jobs as Mafia hired gunmen — might be going to TV as a genuine wrongdoing arrangement.

Four-time Emmy Award-winning “Boardwalk Empire” maker Terence Winter, a previous chief maker of “The Sopranos,” has resolved to compose and build up the arrangement, the venture’s marketing expert said.

Counseling will be in all honesty scandalous mob witness and previous New York Gambino wrongdoing family underboss Sammy “The Bull” Gravano.

“At the point when the cops and the mob snared, it was a blast,” Gravano revealed to The Post of Caracappa and Eppolito, sentenced in 2006 for racketeering charges covering eight agreement murders and a large number of kidnappings and medication bargains.

The pair gathered a month to month pay from the mob to pass along knowledge reports about wrongdoing family sources — and did two of the homicides themselves.

In one of the killings, the two pushed a canary into the mouth of the body, a Lucchese partner associated with advising on the family.

“This will be a stunning story with a ton of huge Mafia names,” Gravano included.

“The specialists included worked admirably, yet I have the in the background stories that they didn’t have the foggiest idea.”

The so far untitled arrangement now being developed will be founded on the 2003 book, “Companions of the Family: The Inside Story of the Mafia Cops Case,” wrote by previous NYPD Detective Tommy Dades, previous top Brooklyn examiner Mike Vecchione, and author David Fisher.

“This case was where everyone included was instrumental in the capture and conviction,” Dades disclosed to The Post.

“This story must be told, and everybody included ought to be recognized” in the catch of the turncoats and the recounting the ignoble story, the ex-investigator said.

The venture is being created by Asterlight, an autonomous organization situated in San Francisco, which declared Winter’s association.

“Caracappa and Eppolito disrespected their identifications like nobody else in NYPD history,” said Winter, who additionally composed the screenplay for Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

“It’s a benefit to recount the account of Tommy Dades, Mike Vecchione and Joe Ponzi — the heroes who dealt with them,” Winter said.

Different supporters of the venture incorporate Joseph Ponzi, previous Chief Investigator for the Brooklyn DA’s office; resigned DEA operator Frank Drew and previous NYPD Det. Straight to the point Pergola, an Asterlight marketing expert said.

Caracappa and Eppolito took thousands in month to month mob settlements all through the 1980s, before resigning as deep rooted companions to a similar cell block in Las Vegas.

Condemned to life, both kicked the bucket — unrepentant — in government jail.

The tall, slight Caracappa, when an individual from the NYPD’s Major Case Squad, passed on in 2017 of every a clinical confinement office in Butner, North Carolina at age 75.

The round Eppolito, who in his prime composed a book called “Mafia Cop” and showed up as a piece major part in the film “Goodfellas,” passed on in November, 2019 at the U.S. Prison in Tuscon at age 71.


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