More than 200 dogs have been rescued from a meat market in South Korea

Almost 200 canines spared from a meat market in South Korea are searching for new homes in the United States.

A salvage exertion directed by Humane Society International at a solitary meat ranch in Haemi spared an aggregate of 170 canines, including brilliant retrievers, a poodle, Korean jindos and mastiffs, Pomeranians, terriers and a Labrador.

Another 26 canines recently safeguarded from an alternate meat ranch, stuck in their transitory haven due to Covid travel limitations, were additionally brought to the United States this week, as indicated by HSI.

The majority of the creatures will remain in the DC zone, some with neighborhood covers, others at a brief grand slam by Humane Society International and the Humane Society of the United States, with help from RedRover.

The excess canines will be set in the Humane Society International Canada transitory sanctuary in Montreal until they can be housed in nearby asylums.

“Albeit a great many people in South Korea don’t routinely eat canine meat, and backing for a boycott is developing, there stay a huge number of homesteads of all sizes the nation over where canines of all varieties bear an unforgiving presence,”

“With less individuals needing to eat canine, ranchers can see the composing is on the divider for this withering industry thus they work with HSI to discover an answer that gives both them and their excess canines a possibility of another life. With such interest from canine ranchers, and public help, we trust the Korean government will receive this sort of way to deal with eliminate the canine meat industry for good.”

The homestead associated with the activity denotes the seventeenth shut by the creature salvage association.


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