more than 2,000 Migrant caravan in Mexico continues to makes their way to the US

A migrant caravan of around 2,000 people proceeds with its journey in the wake of conflicting with police in the southern Mexico city of Tapachula throughout the end of the week — advancing toward the southern border, conveying signs with President Biden’s name.

​The migrants, primarily from Honduras and El Salvador and with little kids in tow,​ walked through cooking hotness to the town of Huehuetan, around 16 miles north of Tapachula, on Sunday.

They had been sitting tight for quite a long time in Tapachula, close to the Guatemala border, for evacuee or asylum papers that would permit them to go through Mexico.

Yet, many became disappointed by the postponements and pushed past law implementation officers on Saturday, in the midst of fights that left a couple of little youngsters harmed.

Mexico requires migrants looking for humanitarian visas or asylum to stand by in the border territory of Chiapas while their cases are being handled.

​​”But they consumed most of the day,” Anthony Beltrandez, a furniture restorer, told the media, taking note of that he had been hanging tight in Tapachula for over a month for his papers.

Beltrandez, who left Cuba in 2018 to make a trip to Uruguay, said he chose to join the caravan on the more than 1,000-mile journey to the US.

“There has been a great deal of hotness, a ton of sun,” Beltrandez said of the walk.​

José Antonio, a Honduran who declined to give his last name, said he turned out to be important for the caravan subsequent to chilling out in Tapachula for quite a long time.

“They let me know I needed to stand by in light of the fact that the arrangements were full,” the construction worker said. “There is no work there (in Tapachula), so due to legitimate need I joined this gathering.”

A large number of the migrants were conveying American banners or signs with Biden’s name on them.

US Customs and Border Protection kept a record-high 1.7 million unlawful immigrants over the past a year, authorities said.

Previous President Donald Trump on Sunday asked the Biden administration to complete construction of the border divider he began, saying the nation is being “harmed” by the convergence of illicit immigrants showing up in the US.

“Our Country is being harmed with the large numbers of people that are wrongfully moving through our Borders, much of the time not addressed or halted. Many are lawbreakers from the exhausted jails of different nations, the greater part of these are exceptionally perilous people,” Trump said in an assertion sent by email.

“Our nation is kicking the bucket from the inside and no one is successfully stop it. The principal thing that ought to be done, and it very well may be done rapidly, is FINISH THE WALL. An arrangement should be made with Mexico, where Mexico serves as a 2,000-mile hindrance, not a take off platform for the illegals that are coming in​,” the 45th president said.