More than 4,000 migrants,facility for migrant children is an overcrowded tent structure

The US government’s primary border confinement facility for migrant children is a stuffed tent construction right now loaded with in excess of 4,000 individuals, regardless of a 250 man limit, it was uncovered Tuesday.

The Biden administration interestingly permitted correspondents from the Associated Press and CBS to visit the packed US Customs and Border Protection facility in Donna, Texas.

The design has a limit of 250 — yet the media detailed that in excess of 4,100 migrants, the vast majority of them unaccompanied kids, are as of now being held there.

The children were being stacked in large numbers into eight cases around 3,200 square feet in size. A considerable lot of the units had in excess of 250 kids in them.

The most youthful of them were kept in an enormous play pen with mats on the floor for resting.

The kids are handled during the tents prior to being pulled to Department of Health and Human Services shelters and afterward positioned with family members or supporters.

Columnists noticed the minors being prepared on Tuesday. The kids were first taken to little rooms inside the tents for health appraisals, including checks for lice, scabies, fever and different sicknesses.

No COVID-19 test was managed except if a kid showed side effects of the virus.

The kids likewise went through psychological tests, with nurture specialists inquiring as to whether they had any self-destructive contemplations. All shoelaces were eliminated.

At that point, the minors were brought to a huge admission room where those 14 and more established were fingerprinted and had their photograph taken.

They were then taken to a subsequent admission room where they were offered notification to show up in movement court.

Kids who had a contact in the US were permitted to talk with that individual on the phone.

Children were given wristbands with a scanner tag that showed a background marked by when they had showered and any medical conditions.