MTA laborers had covered up ‘man cave’ underneath Grand Central tracks, IG report finds

Three MTA merchants purportedly drank, rested and sat in front of the TV inside a mystery “man cavern” worked beneath the tracks at Grand Central Terminal, as indicated by the MTA’s inner guard dog.

Examiners found the parlor — complete with futon, level screen, microwave and fridge — behind a plasterboard divider in an unused locksmith shop beneath Track 114, in the station’s lower level, as per a report by MTA Inspector General Carolyn Pokorny set to be delivered Thursday.

“Numerous a New Yorker has fantasized about kicking back with a chilly lager in a prime bit of Manhattan land — particularly one this near great transportation,” Pokorny said.

“Few would have the chutzpah to hold a mystery room underneath Grand Central Terminal.”

The agents at first paid an astounded visit to the locksmith shop on Aug. 8, 2019, in the wake of reasoning that Metro-North authorities had neglected to explore two past objections about laborers utilizing the space to “hang out and become inebriated and party.”

The three Metro-North representatives — a wireman, craftsman foreman and electrical foreman, who were not named because of progressing disciplinary procedures — denied ever having been in the room.

Yet, Pokorny’s office says they’d abandoned their fingerprints, and the proof that they utilized the underground home base was “overpowering.”

There, specialists discovered wooden cupboards that seemed, by all accounts, to be explicitly intended to disguise the TV and futon, alongside a pullout bed sitting simply outside the room. A half-vacant lager sat in the refrigerator.

An Amazon streaming gadget joined to the TV had the woodworker foreman’s versatile hotspot on its rundown of accessible Wi-Fi networks, and was enrolled to the electrical foreman — whose name was additionally on a draw up bar box and two 2018 datebooks found in the room, the IG said.

A receipt with the wireman’s name imprinted on it was found inside a pneumatic bed enclose the room, the IG said.

He at first confessed to being in the stay with the electrical foreman while getting additional time pay — however later abnegated, as per Pokorny.

Gone up against by the IG, the electrical foreman confessed to having a duplicate of the way in to the locksmith shop regardless of not having worked with locksmiths for at any rate five years.

Great Central Terminal administration, in the interim, professed to have no clue the man cavern even existed — notwithstanding various grumblings that Metro-North security erroneously professed to have explored.

Authorities “didn’t know that the extra space existed and didn’t know which representatives had keys to the extra space,” the IG said.

In an announcement, railroad president Cathy Rinaldi called the mystery man cavern “preposterously unseemly” and “not steady with Metro-North’s qualities.”

Every one of the three men — who actually deny the claims — have been suspended without pay, and face possible end, Rinaldi said.


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