Multi-stage cold forming for individual multifunctional parts

Conform components are essentially parts which are manufactured in conformance with the customer’s or other specific requirements using a multi-stage cold forming process

Fig. 1: Suggested motif: Image of a Conform Next component
In principle, the Conform Next process is suitable for any components that require a complex or customized design. As such, it can be used in many areas and industries as a substitute for more expensive turning or milling.

With Conform Next, Arnold Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG is now going one step further: as well as developing tools, the current manufacturing systems are being further developed, optimized and adapted to anticipate specific component requirements. This gives the fastener manufacturer significantly more flexibility and increases efficiency, especially for the production of very diverse component geometries.

The forming process of the individual Conform Next components entails a longer cycle time. This makes it possible to link the processes economically. In addition, these are usually expensive and high-quality components that are also sensitive to vibration and must be brought into the correct position for machining. Thanks to the slower forming process, testing and assembly steps can now also be integrated directly into the process. This means that the formed components no longer have to be transferred to another machine or even to a different plant. And this saves logistics costs.

By integrating the process, it is also possible to react much faster if errors are detected, because the Conform Next process starts already at the development stage.

Fig. 2: Suggested motif: a suitable image, such as an e-mobility application
Electromobility and lightweight construction are classic areas of application for Conform Next components.

An alternative to expensive turned or milled parts
Conform Next products cover a wide number of applications and designs. Arnold’s production options include the manufacture of complicated external contours as well as blind and through holes or short, difficult to transport parts and products that require internal hole machining. Whichever versatile Conform Next part is concerned, one thing is certain: the non-cutting process sometimes results in significant material savings.

And as Arnold Umformtechnik points out, designers and developers benefit from the fastener manufacturer’s expertise already the development phase and during prototype construction. Arnold’s engineering tools can be integrated into the development process and provide the necessary parameters both for cost-efficient and optimized development and production steps, as well as for functional prototypes in full series and near-series quality, for checking prior to large-scale series production. Right from the start, the focus is on readiness for large-scale production. Any necessary adjustments can be incorporated into the product development process at an early stage. This ensures shorter process and lead times for customers, a high degree of flexibility and saves time and development costs.

Arnold Umformtechnik is initially focussing on customers from the automotive industry, especially in the area of electromobility and lightweight construction. However, according to the company, other application areas can also be envisioned. With the expansion of production capacities for the Conform Next division at the Rauhbusch site, Arnold Umformtechnik is gearing up for the changes in the mobility industry and the increasing customer interest in Conform Next components.

All pictures: Arnold Umformtechnik

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