Muneer Lyati – A Man of Several Talents

Muneer Mujahed Rodwan Iyati is a Professional Mechanical and Vocational trainer. Currently, he is affiliated with the prestigious TVTC (Technical and Vocational Training Corporation) as a trainer for Mechanical Engineering.

Professional pieces of training 

In 2016, he underwent cooperative training at the Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum as a maintenance engineer. Muneer also had the chance to be associated with Hussain Al- Ali institute as an operator. According to him, he learned quite a lot from these two pieces of training. His skill set was broadened to include not only managerial skills but also leadership and socializing skills. He attended various meetings and conferences during his trainings, and this provided him with a broader perspective of the dynamics of the engineering world.

Education and Skills

Muneer completed his engineering degree from Jeddah College of Technology: one of the best in Saudia Arabia. He opted to specialize in engines and vehicles which has heavily paid off in his professional career. Being the secretary of the Engineering Students Association, he has an excellent grasp of the English language. He was frequently tasked with noting the minutes of the meeting (MOM) and taking memos. His vocabulary is extensive and his grammar skills on point. Muneer is also well versed in the art of communication. Years of training had enabled him to master the art of communicating and negotiating in English.

Grasping the global shift toward soft-skills, Muneeb has ensured that he acquired as much of those as possible. Apart from communication and leadership skills, he also brushed up his socialization training during his year-long corporate training. His tenure in Al-Jazirah Vehicles Company and Binladin Company taught him resilience and the skill to work well under pressure. As affirmed by leading business writers, the ability to work well in stressful situations is one of the most sought-after skills in the global corporate world. Being an IOSH alumnus, his managerial skills are top-notch. Muneer also has the ability to handle workplace conflicts and everyday problems with surprising ease.

Personal life

Born in Makkah, Muneer is a Saudi by nationality. At only 38 years old, he has achieved a lot more than his peers. At the moment, he hopes to develop his career as an engine and vehicle specialist. He believes in advocating the rights of customers by keenly inspecting the quality of engines so that the customers only opt for the best quality. Muneer Iyati also seeks opportunities to work in the private sector to broaden his managerial skills.

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