myMessage Raises $2.1 Million to Launch SocialFi Protocol for Web3

myMessage, a SocialFi protocol with a focus on data and censorship-resistant social media solutions for Web3, has announced the successful completion of a  $2.1 million raise from leading blockchain investors including Basics Capital, D21 Ventures, Gains Associates, x21 Digital, Magnus Capital, AU21 Capital, Exnetwork Capital, Oddiyana Ventures, Onebit Ventures, ZBS Capital, Dreamboat Capital, and more. 

myMessage is helping solve a growing problem with social media platforms that are becoming even more prone to unknown censorship, especially when dealing with important subjects such as politics and the current pandemic. myMessage offers a novel solution that includes various components such as a decentralized Reddit-like social media and a decentralized data storage platform, all built to be multi-chain accessible and compatible with all popular Web3 products. This will help ensure monetization happens both at the right time and to the right people, without interference from any centralized institution.  

A representative from myMessage says, “The demand for Web3 protocols that promote censorship-resistant solutions, including data and cloud storage, has never been greater. With the support of our investors and partners, myMessage is well positioned to make an impact in the industry, especially considering its affordability for all stakeholders. To date, this space is wide open due to the speed and nacency of the Web3 landscape. Thankfully, myMessage’s team and technological resources will allow it to scale to capture the first mover market advantage.” 

myMessage is currently completing its IDO in anticipation for the initial release of MESA, the company’s native token. Upon listing, MESA will have an initial market cap of $408,000 with a total supply of 5 billion tokens. MESA’s IDO will take place on two launchpads. The first, BSCStation, has already sold out. The second IDO will take place on December 18 on TrustPad. In recent months, myMessage has announced that it was the recipient of a Polygon grant, as well as partnered with Islander to focus on Web3 development. 

About myMessage

myMessage is the world’s first-ever light-grade decentralized Reddit-like social media & data storage platform built on a multi-chain structure, supporting evolving applications including a decentralized thread-reply bulletin board, messaging dApp, developer tools & SDKs, and Data Portal to provide encrypted data feedings to Web3 applications with Quantum-resistant level of security.





Media Contact: Charlie Chen,